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Loveuse jewelry is 18 carat 3 micron gold plated, 925 silver or 14K goldfilled.

In order to keep your jewelry shiny and in excellent condition, here are some maintenance tips:


- Your jewelry should avoid contact with chemicals, alcohol, perfume or cosmetics.


We recommend that you remove your jewelery

*Before washing your hands, especially with hydroalcoholic gel which is very abrasive;

*Before putting on perfume or cream

*Before cleaning or washing dishes

*Before going to the pool or the beach as chlorine and salt water may damage the plating of your jewellery.




Here are some small rules to follow to have a reliable result:


- Measure your finger at the end of the day, as your fingers tend to swell throughout the day.

- Measure the widest part of your finger.

- If you hesitate between two sizes, take the larger one

- The shape of the ring can have an impact on the choice of size.


For ring models with a wide ring, it is preferable to take a size above.

Namely: the ring finger of the right hand does not necessarily have the same size as the ring finger of the left hand.

Each finger has its own measurement.



To determine your finger size 2 possible methods:


Measure your ring

Take :

- Your favorite ring

- A ruler

1. Measure the inside diameter of your ring in millimeters.

2. Refer to the table below to know your ring size.



Measure your finger

Take :

- A tape measure or thread

- A ruler

1. Wrap your tape measure or tape measure around your finger.

2. Mark the point where your measuring tool closes the circle.

3. Take your ruler to measure the distance in millimeters between the start of your measuring tool and your mark.

4. Refer to the chart below for your ring size.


- Short: 40 cm (used for small pendants)

- Standard: 45 cm (the most used, it highlights the neck)

- Medium: 50 cm (for more comfort, if the neck is a little strong)

- Short necklace: 60 cm (for medium format pendants);

- Long necklace: 80 cm (length suitable for large pendants);

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